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Our new teaching resources

Our digital educative teaching resources are free, online and adaptable. Each lesson or task is supported with integrated professional learning.

A connected, digital-by-design approach to teaching resources

Introducing a suite of teaching resources with integrated professional learning, for all career stages and contexts.

Screenshot of teaching sequences pageOnline teaching sequences aligned to the Australian Curriculum V9, providing engaging content with step-by-step directions and practical advice for implementation in your classroom.
Integrated professional learning with teaching strategy support embedded in the learning sequences, as well as access to aligned professional learning resources.Screenshot of lesson page
Screenshot of download tabEditable downloads for you and your students accompany each sequence, so they’re easy to use and adapt.
A pedagogical toolbox full of research-based strategies interwoven into each sequence, to support you and your students in the classroom.Screenshot of toolbox page
Screenshot of content pageIn-depth articles on subject content to support you and your students’ deep understanding.