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About us

The Academy supports a strong foundation in science and mathematics teaching and learning in Australia through our teacher-tested programs with proven outcomes in Australian schools.

The Australian Academy of Science has a proven track record and unparalleled experience in developing and delivering evidence-based education programs to support effective science and mathematics teaching and learning in Australian schools from Foundation to Year 10.

With the support of the Australian and state governments, the Academy has been developing and delivering rigorous teacher professional learning programs and inquiry-based teaching resources in science and mathematics for over thirty years.

Through our three teacher-trialled programs, Primary Connections, reSolve and Science by Doing, the Academy supports a strong foundation in STEM teaching and learning in Australia. Our programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and remain free of charge for Australian teachers. Our comprehensively designed programs are grounded in research and showcase exemplary inquiry practices, supporting teachers to maximise the difference they make in the classroom.

To ensure our programs stay useful, practical and connected to what’s happening in schools across the country, we develop and refine our resources in consultation with teachers, state and territory education departments, and national agencies such as the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.

The Academy’s education team includes expert educators with an array of professional experience, diverse knowledge and skill sets, and a passion for working alongside teachers. We have worked in a variety of education settings, nationally and internationally, in primary and secondary schools, cultural institutions, research organisations and tertiary settings including initial teacher education and research.

Our programs