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Supporting science and maths teachers across Australia

Resources for teaching Foundation to Year 10, designed by the Australian Academy of Science and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education.

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Interactive teaching sequences with integrated professional learning

Our digital resources provide support as you need it, while you prepare and as you teach.


Our new digital educative teaching resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum V9.

These interactive resources support teacher practice, integrate the latest research and explain the design thinking behind each decision. Embedded professional learning supports understanding of key ideas and pedagogical practices.

Our new sequences...

  • contain as much detail as you need to teach, from brief steps to comprehensive examples
  • explain the intent behind the design, so you can be confident adapting for your classroom
  • have editable downloads for you and your students, so they’re easy to use and adapt.

New resources for primary mathematics are available now on the reSolve website, and primary science resources will follow soon on Primary Connections. Sign up to be part of early previews, field testing and launch announcements.

Our exciting new secondary science program aligned to the Australian Curriculum V9 will also launch in 2024.

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reSolve is our Foundation to Year 10 mathematics program to support teachers to promote a spirit of inquiry in school mathematics.

Interactive mathematics sequences with integrated professional learning, aligned to the Australian Curriculum V9, are available now for Foundation to Year 2.

Who we are

The Australian Academy of Science has been developing and delivering rigorous teacher professional learning and inquiry-based teaching resources for thirty years.
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Featured resources

Check out the latest resources from reSolve, using our new Design for Learning model.

Featured stories from our Curious website

Curious is the Academy’s public outreach website: exploring big scientific questions, discoveries and breakthroughs, with the support of Australia’s most renowned scientists. Here you’ll find videos, articles, images and infographics to help you understand and explain complex real-world ideas to your students.